Bound mention - Eliot Peper interview with Tim Chang
Mmmm tasty narrative is taking shape. @getboundio and our little #RPG making @AppStoreGames history!
For me, the promise of breaking prose traditions and incorporating additional lore elements (interactive dungeon/city maps, and evolving intel sheets on major cast of characters, for example) made me feel as if Bound is able to bring together a small one or two person team to design an interactive prose “game” of sorts. The more you explore the story and learn more about the lands and characters, the deeper the lore becomes. The model of prose on most handheld devices is based largely on mimicking traditional paper works, and it feels like only a small part of what a mobile platform can do. What intrigued me about Bound was it allows you to do something more with the story you’re trying to tell and molding the prose to match the technology you’re reading it on. Speaking as someone who usually has a bunch of lore surrounding the story (and sometimes maps), the opportunity to share that naturally with a community of readers is intriguing. So when Matt explained Bound to me, I told him it was a brilliant idea and long overdue.